Four killings in 5 days …ENTERPRISE HOT TOO BAD

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Enteprise, Chaguanas, was known as the home of known kidnapper and criminal, Selwyn “Robo Cop” Alexis.

He did as he pleased and no one was able to stop him. Residents claimed that Alexis killed many people and had them disappear. Remember Ramo’s son. Kidnapped twice and never found.

He even threatened to wipe out the youths in the area opposed to him.

Well twine longer than rope and the youths have decided to respond. They have taken on the Alexis family – killing Robo Cop, two of his bothers, a nephew and close friends. And they promise to kill again.

The latest killing took place on Tuesday morning.

Dillon Kerdal Grant, also known as ISIS, of Dass Trace, Enterprise, was forced by a gunman to run for his life. He was eventually cornered in a resident’s yard at Joseph Lane, near Lamont Street, and shot in the head. He was taken to the Chaguanas Health Facility where he died while undergoing treatment.

The incident happened at about 11 am, just a stone’s throw away from where police officers are temporary posted at John Street.

On Monday night, Patrick Isles was shot dead while attending the wake of Sylvan Alexis, brother of Robo Cop. A lone gunman walked into the wake and shot three persons. Isles died on the spot while two others were taken to hospital.
Dillon Kerdal Grant

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