Four bandits arrested after robbery …”PANIC IN THE CITY”

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There was drama in Port-of-Spain on Saturday which caused social media to run with fake news causing panic in city.

A simple robbery turned into a fatal shooting in City Gate, a gang from Nelson Street challenging the police, a popular business place being robbed on Independence Square, to a hostage drama inside KFC on Independence Square.

Even a voice recording circulated on social media warning people to stay away from Port-of-Spain as it was unsafe.

But all that turned out to be false. No fatal shooting in City Gate and no hostage drama. The rumours sent shoppers in Port-of-Spain hustling out of the city for fear of being attacked.

So what was the truth?

Four teenaged miscreants from Sea Lots were arrested for robbing maxi taxi and assaulting of a 73-year-old woman in the vehicle.

The four teenagers were identified as Jamark Jones, 17, Josh Thomas, 19, Adwin Richardson, 17, and Isaiah Best, 19, all of Production Drive, Sea Lots.  They along with a fifth man, robbed a red band maxi taxi around 8.45 am. near the Abattoir close to the Beetham.

After robbing people in the maxi, one of the bandits struck the elderly woman in her face with a gun butt.

The bandits escaped on foot by heading towards the city. A report as made to the police who responded immediately.

One of the bandits was arrested near KFC, two others were held along the Brian Lara Promenade, and another was captured on Nelson Street. Everything was over by 9.45 am.

The entire incident sparked rumours of a shootout in Port-of-Spain.

The dormant Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) responded to the rumours.

It stated in a press release, “The ODPM is aware of a FALSE audio message being shared amongst networks indicating the Port of Spain area is unsafe. Please be advised the Fusion Centre of the Strategic Security Agency has confirmed this is FALSE. The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service were involved in apprehending three (3) men, but NO gunfire was exchanged. Please share this message to limit unnecessary panic being caused at this time.”

After the ODPM release was issued, the fourth bandit was arrested.

The four bandits are being held at the Besson Street Police station.

They will be put on ID parades for this offences and other robberies in the Port-of-Spain areas.

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The injured woman being transported in an ambulance

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