Former murder accused shot dead …”TWO MORE KILLINGS”

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A former murder accused was among two men shot and killed over the past 48 hours.

Crime Scene Investigators found over 20 bullet casings outside Annie’s Bar, along Cedar Hill Road, Claxton Bay, where Stephon Forgenie, 27, a scrap iron dealer, was murdered, on Tuesday morning.

According to reports, Forgenie, also known as Stephen Ramdhan, of Hilltop Drive, Claxton Bay, took his girlfriend to the bar around 7.45 am to purchase breakfast.

Eyewitnesses said Forgenie purchased a soda and chicken roti, and asked for it to be cut in half. As Forgenie went back to his silver Toyota Corolla and sat in the driver’s seat, a white vehicle pulled up on the roadside. Two masked men got out with automatic weapons and opened fire.

Forgenie died on the spot, while his girlfriend, who sat in the back seat, escaped without harm. The gunmen escaped.

The witnesses said there were several patrons eating breakfast outside when the shots rang out. They said the patrons ran away and hid inside the bar until the police arrived.

Investigator said the bullet holes in the windscreen of the car showed that Forgenie was their target. They believe he was followed by his killers and attacked at the bar.

Witnesses said Forgenie usually purchased breakfast elsewhere but on Tuesday morning, his girlfriend asked for a roti. They said he and his younger brother lived alone in a house which is under construction.

The house was reinforced with a high concrete wall and steel gate.

Investigators are examining the theory that Forgenie’s murder may be linked to 23-year-old Jeremiah Stephens, also known as G5, of Lodge Road, Claxton Bay on January 4.

Earlier this year Forgenie’s mother, Charmaine Ramdhan, and brother, Nicholas, were arrested and charged with possession of guns and ammunition allegedly found at their home. They were granted $650,000 but are still on remand.

In 2007, Forgenie was charged with murdering Richard Mark, 41. Mark, a father of two who worked and lived in the Forres Park Landfill, Claxton Bay was chopped to death in his shack. However Forgenie was freed of the charge two years ago.


Lyndon Brown, 26, who survived a shooting seven years ago, was shot dead in Never Dirty, Morvant, on Monday night.

Brown, a father of two, who installed tiles, was originally from Morvant but moved to his girlfriend’s house in Couva after he was shot during a robbery in 2011.

According to reports, around 9 pm, North Eastern Division Task Force officers were told of a shooting in Never Dirty. When they arrived they found Brown lying on the side of the road. He was taken to hospital, but died.

Relatives described him as a bright and friendly person.

An autopsy performed at the Forensic Sciences Center on Tuesday, confirmed that Brown died from multiple gunshot wounds.

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Stephon Forgenie

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