Former Monarch defies toilet paper …”ALOES IN THE BIG YARD”

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With the Calypso Revue closed for lack of funding, Sugar Aloes (Michael Osuna) had to defy the toilet paper brigade at Skinner Park, San Fernando, on Saturday to make it to another Dimanche Gras finals next Sunday at the Queen’s Park Savannah.

Aloes gave a masterful rendition in his tribute to the Grandmaster, Kitchener, to get the judges’ approval for the Big Yard.

Aloes,  a former Monarch, has had a terrible Carnival season as manager of the Revue. He had to close the tent due to a lack of Government funding. Yet still, he was able to convince the judges that his song was good enough for Calypso Fiesta.

Also making it to the Savannah is reigning Soca Monarch, Aaron St Louis, aka Voice. This is his first trip to the Big Yard and he did it in style with his song “Year for Love”.

The finalists:

Aaron St Louis – Voice
Alana Sinnette
Carlos James – Skatie
Dexter Parsons – Stinger
Helon Francis
Joanne Rowley – Tigress
Karene Asche
Kurt Allen
Michael Legerton – Protector
Michael Osuna – Sugar Aloes
Myron Bruce – Myron B
Rondell Donawa 
Sandra Des Vignes – Singing Sandra
Selvon Noel – Mistah Shak

Stacey Sobers



Four former Monarchs will take on the defending champion, Chalkdust, for the title. Chalkdust is also suffering as he is a member of the cast of the Revue with no where to sing in 2018.

Thousands of calypso lovers descended on Skinner Park to see the 40 semi-finalists vying for the 15 finalists spots.

Voice had the crowd singing along to his hit “Year for Love”

He encouraged youths to stay away from crime and questioned why people are fighting and killing each other. To the criminals, he said ‘fire go bun dem’, an expression denouncing criminals.

Weston Rawlins, better known as Cro Cro, had the crowd swaying to his hard-hitting lyrics to politicians in his song “Belated”. In this song, he accused the Prime Minister and other Cabinet members of not taking his calls. It go him no where. He was booted out the finals.

Skatie said Government was cutting back on everything except the high prices. In his song, “All Cutback”,  Skatie decided to cut down on the verses in his calypsoes. He threw picong at the Government, saying the only thing raising up “is we pressure”. He made it.

Dexter Parsons, the Stinger, poked fun at the pronunciation of English words by Chinese speakers in his song Chinese Tuition.

Karene Asche performed “Song of Inspiration” while Myron B,  successfully delivered “The Great Nation”. Both songs addressed social issues facing the country.

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