Following Rowley’s “revelations” …MOONILAL GOING AFTER PM

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Oropouche East MP, Dr Roodal Moonilal, is not going to lie down and play dead. After statements made by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley on Friday concerning the former Government Minister, Moonilal has turned to Israel Khan SC, to initiate legal action against the sitting Prime Minister.

Moonilal’s lawyer has written to acting Commissioner of Police, Stephen Williams, asking if his client was under police investigation.

On Friday, prior to leaving the country, Rowley said that a warrant had been issued to Moonilal in connection with allegations of misconduct in public office.

The PM added, “Worse, what Dr Moonilal was doing was protecting himself because as he named the persons who had been to court, Mr Panday, Dr Narayansingh, Chief Justice Sharma, he very carefully didn’t name himself, because while being currently under a warrant to account for matters under his own portfolio.”

Rowley said one of the names mentioned in the action was Moonilal’s and a warrant was subsequently issued. A document was posted to social media.

Moonilal, however, denied any knowledge of the document.

He added, “The document in question was circulated on social media, I took note of it. I have never been served, I have never received copies of it, I have never been questioned and let me say categorically I have never been the subject of a search of my home, of my office, of my car, of my locker room at the gym, I have never been searched for anything.

“I cannot confirm whether the document is real, I cannot confirm whether it is fake but I have not been questioned, interviewed, approached anything by any law enforcement agency, so much so that on two occasions my lawyers have written to the Commissioner of Police on this matter, who has not responded.”

Moonilal said the search warrant was now the subject of a court action against the police by Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj SC and the matter will come up on September 11 in San Fernando. Moonilal said he also intends to write Rowley following the PM’s recent statements.

The former Minister continued “On Monday coming, given that Dr Rowley on Friday, in what can only be described as an act of misbehaviour in public office, sought to give the impression that I was under investigation and he had information to that effect and further he said he had information that I would be in court answering charges, I intend to write Dr Rowley for more information on this matter because he clearly has more information than the Commissioner of Police and he can tell the country about police investigations.” he said.

Moonilal added: “This is a very frightening and alarming and disturbing development and Dr Rowley has misbehaved in public office if it is that he is speaking of ongoing police inquiries and not only this thing but directing the police as to what the outcome of those investigations should be.”

Moonilal said he hopes Williams would respond finally on this matter on whether or not there is an investigation on him.


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