First day on the job …”STUART GETS CRACKING”

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Stuart Young flew out of the boxes with speed.

On his first day in office as the new Minister of National Security, Young met with everyone.

Young met with the executives of his Ministry on Tuesday, one day after he was appointed to the post.

Young was briefed by Permanent Secretary Vel Lewis on the current business of the Ministry. He then met with Heads of Divisions and Units.

Young stressed the importance of engagement, focus and prioritization as well as the pursuit of solution-oriented strategies to confront issues of crime and criminality.

Young was also briefed on current matters at a Security Operations meeting with Heads of the Defence and Protective Services.

He received an update on the strategies currently being pursued by the various National Security Agencies in the fight against crime.

The meeting also served to clarify the support and resources needed by the Agencies from the Ministry of National Security.

Young said he was looking forward to the full commitment and support from all heads and staff, as he intends to strongly lead the Ministry forward in the fight against crime and in improving the safety and security of citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

The only person missing was Gary Griffith the new Commissioner of Police who is yet to receive his new contract.

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