Fight over Diego property …”FAMILY OF 5 CHOPPED”

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Five members of a Diego Martin family were chopped on Sunday during a fight over property.

Nicole Edwards, 32, a mother of two, common-law husband, Darren Joseph, 42, and relatives Rico Joseph, 29, Wendell Joseph, 37 and Simon Ganteaume, were chopped about their bodies by another relative.

Edwards said she was told by her attacker that they should leave the property although her family paid $7,000 for their home, which is located on squatting land. She said this latest attack was preceded by an incident on March 23 in which two relatives went to her house and burnt the property to the ground.

However, she said although she moved next door to a neighbour’s house, the relative, who was alleged to have sold them the land, visited them on Sunday and told them to leave.

Edwards added, “When I heard the drama and the children crying I see they holding my common-law husband and chopping him.”

She said her husband sustained injuries to both hands and other relatives who intervened, including the son of her attacker, was even chopped by mistake.

She continued, “I tried to intervene and I was chopped by my breast, my arm and my wrist,” she said, showing the bandages. We were in the hospital and the attacker still threatening me. He say nobody don’t come back down there.

“I was paying $700 for a month and we pay him $7,000. Is squatting land but we had no other alternative, we have nowhere to go. I really scared to go back with my children and them. When we try to do better that is when the bacchanal start.”

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