Fiery Maloney protest over water …”THE ABSENTEE MP”

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Three weeks ago, residents of Beetham Gardens staged a fiery protest following the arrests of two community leaders. But the protest was really about the lack of jobs in the community from this Government.

On Saturday, in another PNM stronghold, Maloney, residents protested over the lack of water in the community.

Residents staged a fiery protest along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway, calling on the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) to urgently supply pipe-borne water in the community.

The protest, which began shortly after 2 am, created a traffic gridlock along the east and west-bound lanes of the highway in the vicinity of the St Barbara’s Spiritual Baptist School and main entrance to the Maloney Housing Development as residents burnt old tyres, appliances and other debris.

The pattern was similar to the protest at the Beetham where the highway, the Priority Bus Route and the Eastern Main Road, were blocked by residents.

In the Beetham protes, the MP for the area never showed up. In Maloney, the MP Camille Robinson-Regis turned up hours later and was engaged in a war of words with residents.

Robinson-Regis added, “WASA had sent water trucks to the area, I understand when trucks came some residents turned back the trucks.

“It makes me a little concerned about that, but I understand the anxiety.

I was disappointed that they felt that they had to protest because it was not necessary.

“But people have a right to express their opinion but not in a way that is illegal, so I can’t condone an illegal action.”

But that did not appease the residents who said Robinson-Regis was an absentee MP. They said despite numerous pleas to the MP, nothing was done. As a result they felt they had no choice but to protest so the nation can hear their cries.
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