Female cop detained over Vicky Boodram …”THE GREAT ESCAPE”

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The biggest story dominating the headlines in the last 24 hours has been the escape of fraud accused, Vicky Boodram.

So far, a female police officer has been detained for questioning in connection with facilitating this escape. But already, the acting Commissioner of Police is exonerating her from this as she did not know what was happening.

Really Commissioner?

According to a release from the acting Commissioner, the female officer was just following orders from her colleague at the Court and Process section of the Tunapuna Police Station. In other words, all the blame is being put on the male police officer.

So what are the facts?

Around 6 pm on Monday, two police officers, in a marked police car, turned up at the Golden Grove Prison, Arouca, saying that Boodram had gotten bail and that she was needed to attend night court.

Night Court?

Since when is there night court in Trinidad and Tobago? Are the prisons officers so dumb to believe that? Prisons officers are too familiar with the court system in Trinidad and Tobago, to fall for that trick by these two police officers.

As far as the prisons officers are concerned, the documents from the two police officers seemed real so they agreed to release Boodram.

Were thre bail documents? Did they ask the police officers where was the night court? How come they released a prisoner at 6 pm, when the normal routine is release before 4 pm?

Boodram was informed that she was being released. According to sources, Boodram merely smiled, got dressed in a flash and was escorted to the exit to meet the two police officers.

According to the female officer, she was dropped off at the Tunapuna Police Station. Her male colleague then left with Boodram and neither of them has been seen since.

It was only after the female officer turned up for work on Tuesday morning that she found out that her male colleague and Boodram were missing. Really?

So what is the relationship between Boodram and the male police officer, that he would risk his career to ensure her freedom….and most likely, to abscond.

So the acting Commissioner of Police has launched an investigation into the great escape! This is a perfect example of police corruption and it is time to start cleaning the stables.

Has Boodram skipped the country as yet? The Immigration authorities are already on high alert. But if the police facilitated her escape, it is most likely she would not use the conventional ports for departure.


Boodram has 109 fraud charges pending in the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court. These are linked to failed cruise ship packages.

Her estranged husband, Ravi Arjoonsingh, with whom she was a director of Travel and Ship Ahoy Cruise Ltd, was also charged with taking millions of dollars from 109 people through fraudulent means and transferring the money to himself and the company in 2010.

Boodram also faces three charges of a similar nature in Siparia.

In 2016, more fraud charges were laid against Boodram, including obtaining property in the sum of $216,000 by fraud. These four charges, laid by PC Bernard, were transferred to San Fernando after she appeared in Port of Spain on 40 new fraud charges.

Before these charges were laid, Boodram had appeared at the San Fernando court on two cases of money laundering after she allegedly purchased a $629,000 E-Class Mercedes-Benz and a $2 million house in Palmiste using forged documents.

In an alert issued by the Chief Immigration Officer on Tuesday, it was advised by Boodram had escaped and that she may attempt to depart the jurisdiction. Officers are instructed that she is not to be allowed to depart. Furthermore, if she is sighted at any port, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is to be contacted immediately.

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