Father of slain police officer …”I NEVER WANTED HIM TO BE A COP”

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Joseph Honore was a policeman who was in the much-feared Flying Squad under the dread Randolph Burroughs.

When he left that unit, he went into the Narcotics Squad where he excelled in high profile arrests. When he retired from the Police Service in 2008, he became a defence lawyer.

Honore had three sons. He never wanted any of them to join the Police Service. But one son, Darryl, decided to join. He became popular in the Police Service and reached the rank of Sergeant.

Darryl died on Sunday night, four days after he was shot by another policeman in a love triangle involving a female officer at Grand Bazaar.

Honore has publicly apologized to the Police Service and the country for whatever hurt, disappointment and embarrassment last Wednesday’s incident caused.

He asked that his son be forgiven and that the society should not be too quick to judge.

Darryl was critically wounded in the shooting incident, underwent surgery on Friday but succumbed to his injuries on Sunday around 10.25 pm.

Honore senior said he lost a kind, loving and very understanding son.

He added, “We really do apologize to who would have suffered in one way or the other by this. But, please, don’t judge him just yet.

“Since the incident, the amount of people have been contacting me to give that encouragement and support, I realized how much people loved my son. The responses have been so overwhelming that I didn’t know that my son was so popular, even more popular than me.”

Honore stated,: “I was always there for him but he was the type not to open up too much about anything, but I often spoke with him about that spiritual guidance.”

What about Darryl’s estranged wife? Honore said, “It is very complicated. We have tried to reach out but it is very complicated.”

Darryl was the first of three boys for Honore.

He added, “This has taught me to be there more for my other two boys. I have given them space as they are now grown men, but this experience has shown me that I have to keep them closer to me than ever.

“When I was in the service it was hard then. Now crimes have evolved to sophisticated crimes and I always wanted better for my children. I was not too sure when Darryl joined.”

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