Fatal Shooting in Moruga bar …PM’S SECURITY OFFICER IN CUSTODY

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A member of the Prime Minister’s security detail is in custody after one man was shot dead and another wounded at a bar in Moruga on Saturday morning.

And the family of the dead man wants an investigation into the entire event. They are asking why was it that the off-duty policeman was liming in a bar with his loaded firearm?

Relatives are claiming that Miguel Rodriguez, 24, was running away when he was shot, while the police officer is claiming that he was attacked by Rodriguez and his brother, Saran Thomas, 29, who was shot during the incident.

According to police reports, around 2.30 am on Saturday, an off-duty Special Branch officer, attached to Prime Minister’s security detail, was liming at a bar when he got into an altercation with Rodriguez and another man. The men, the report alleged, began beating the officer who became fearful for his life and discharged his gun.

Rodriguez, who was employed at the San Fernando City Corporation, died at the San Fernando General Hospital while his brother, who was shot on his arm, remained warded in a stable condition.

Speaking at his Moruga, home after the incident, Allister Thomas, 28, said he and his brothers were liming on the road.

He said Rodriguez, who had been drinking, mistakenly took a car for his friend’s car in which he had left his bag. When Rodriguez realized the door was locked, Thomas said, he began hitting the glass and was asking loudly for his bag. He said that triggered the entire affair as the car either belonged to the policeman or his relative. The officer came from inside the bar. Thomas said Rodriguez and the policeman got into a heated argument and when he (Thomas) tried to part them, the policeman collared him and whipped out his gun.

During the confrontation, he said, the officer pushed Rodriguez and Rodriguez slapped the officer. “Like he did not like how he get slap in front of everybody. The officer shoot and I just push my brothers away. He (Rodriguez) hear the first shot and he run and my next brother get shoot in his hand.”

Thomas said his brother was shot about eight times. “I was shouting call an ambulance and people were laughing. My brother was bawling in pain. He tell me ‘don’t leave me, stay with me.’”

Thomas claimed the officer never identified himself as a policeman. When the other police officers arrived, he said they took his brother to the hospital in the police vehicle. He said the officer who shot Rodriguez was allowed to leave, but he returned 20 minutes later.

An autopsy will be performed on Monday at the Forensic Sciences Center, Federation Park. The off-duty policeman was taken into custody pending further investigations and consultations with the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

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