Fatal shooting in Brasso …COP KILLS COP’S BROTHER

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The brother of a female police officer was shot dead by police on Saturday morning in Brasso, Central Trinidad.

Kerwyn Meharris, 34, of Mamoral Road, Flanagin Town, Brasso Village, was playing a poker game on the Mamoral Junction at about 12.58 am on Saturday together with friends, among them a Special Reserve Police (SRP) officer.

When the game ended, Kerwyn who lived a short distance away from the junction, returned to his home. Police said based on their investigations, Kerwyn had won some money in the card game, but he received a call on his cell phone to return to the junction.

But Kerwyn was shot in the yard of a house on the junction. He never made it to the junction. He was rushed to the Chaguanas District Health Facility bleeding from a wound to the left upper chest.

But he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police have seized the gun from the SRP who had only six months ago obtained a firearm user’s licence to carry his personal firearm.

Kerwyn was a father of one and has a twin brother, Sherwin, also of Mamoral Village.

WPC Roxanne Meharris who also lives along the Mamoral Road near to her deceased brother, was on duty at the station along with two other officers.

The circumstances of the shooting are still being investigated. Investigators are still to determine how and why was Kerwyn shot.

The body was sent to the Forensic Sciences Center, Federation Park for an autopsy on Monday.

Police have not classified the death as a homicide.



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