“Faris distracting…..”

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THE EDITOR: The Attorney General is attempting to distract the nation from the issues of incompetence of the Rowley Administration such as the Ferry Fiasco, Fake Oil, Crime, Economy etc.

The polling done by Mori under the Partnership Government was a continuation of what started under the Patrick Manning Administration in 2002.

 With over 7 years of historical data tracking public concerns and opinion this made Mori information valuable for public policy decisions. It is instructive that the leaked bill was only for the 5 years the Partnership was in government and not the 8 years the PNM used MORI before.

 IF there is an investigation let it start with when the PNM decided to retain the services of MORI and given that Dr. Rowley was apart of the decision making Cabinet that retained the services of MORI his view will be helpful.

Devant Maharaj

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