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He was described as a problem boy who showed little respect to older people, including relatives.

Arguments, physical confrontations and abuse, had become normal for Josiah Martinez, 16. On Friday night, these confrontations turned deadly.

According to investigators, Martinez was at home at Upper Seventh Avenue, Barataria,when he got into an argument with a relative. That confrontation turned physical and it was said the older man got a firearm and shot Josiah.

Other relatives at the home, on hearing loud explosions, came out and were said to be horrified to see Martinez’s bullet-riddled body on the ground.

The police and emergency health services were notified and the wounded boy was taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital.
He was pronounced dead on arrival.

Relatives at the home, including Josiah’s mother, Keisha Etienne, attemp­ted to detain the suspect who shot Martinez, but it was said he overpowered them and escaped.

A search was launched but the re­la­tive, 59, has not been found.
Neighbours said they were shocked over the incident.

They said the suspect was a kind and caring man who loved children.
However, they also alleged he and Martinez had recently got into a fight in which the teen “beat up” the suspect. Neighbours reported that Josiah was a problem child who showed no respect to the suspect and other persons in the area.

The murder toll for the year so far stands at 447.

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