“Fake Oil” scam at Petrotrin …”HEADS MUST ROLL”

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Ancel Roget, President General of the Oilfield Workers Trade Union (OWTU), says heads must roll following the findings of an internal Petrotrin audit which showed operators were being paid for oil they did not produce.

He added, “The OWTU has been consistently raising this issue about lease operators stealing Petrotrin’s oil and billing them for oil that they do not produce.

“We always say it is a corrupt arrangement with some top people and it does not do Petrotrin any good.”

Roget wants the Fraud Squad to get involved, saying the internal audit is not good enough as there would be a cover-up.

He also wants Petrotrin to properly investigate the audit’s final report.

Roget continued, “Not just audit within the company, an independent auditor ought to audit those claims and to bring to the books all of those who are found to be culpable.

“We suspect because of who is involved in the company that they want to keep it under wraps. We are against that.

We are calling for some action on that. Heads must roll. We are going to turn this place upside down because it is really bad.”

Roget estimates that Petrotrin has been losing billions of barrels of crude oil annually through the scam.

Roget said what he also learned was that former Petrotrin chairman Andrew Jupiter was hounded out of office by the PNM Government, although he believed Jupiter was the best man for the job due to his wealth of knowledge in the energy sector.


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