Fake Oil report goes to the DPP …”WHAT ABOUT THE POLICE?”

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So the fake oil reports have gone to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)! What about the police, Mr Minister of Energy?

Minister of Energy, Franklin Khan, said the reports coming out of two independent investigations into A&V Oil and Gas Ltd had been referred to theDPP for advice.

But the reports should have gone to the police first and after their investigations, they would have referred it to the DPP.

Khan made the announcement in Parliament on Friday as he responded to an urgent question posed by Oropouche East, MP Dr Roodal Moonilal, who queried if the fake oil scandal which resulted in two completed investigative reports had been referred to the police.

Khan said that two investigations into A&V were conducted last year.

One was undertaken by Kroll Consulting Canada Company which focused on the measurement system, while global oil and gas consultants Gaffney Cline and Associates deal with reservoir and petroleum engineering matters.

An internal audit by the company for the period of January to June showed that Petrotrin paid more than $80 million for oil which it did not receive from A&V, the contractor on the Catshill Field.

Khan said the matter was not referred to the police.

“However, I have been informed by the board of Petrotrin that this said matter was referred in November of 2017 to the DPP for advice.”

Moonilal asked Khan what attempts were made to “follow the real money siphoned out of this scheme and returned to the people of T&T” and “whether or not an alleged key player in this Mr Vidya Deokiesingh was still employed at Petrotrin.”

Khan said Petrotrin’s board nor himself had no such authority to follow the money.

He added, “We did what we felt was proper to refer the matter to the DPP for advice.”

Khan said Deokiesingh was still an employee at the State-owned company “because he is under investigations at Petrotrin, and Petrotrin has very robust and well-written procedures as to how these investigations take place. And that process is ongoing.”

Petrotrin terminated its contract with A&V last year and the company has signalled its intention to challenge the decision.

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