Fake News from the Express …”GARY’S SALARY PACKAGE”

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Fake news from another media house. The dailies have been giving their readers fake news in recent times. Now the Express ran a story saying Gary Griffith asked for a monthly salary of $135,000.

Well the Express had to correct it. Gary, the new Commissioner of Police, will get the basic salary of a Government Minister – $41,500.

Griffith has put forward an offer for the terms and conditions of his contractual agreement with the Ministry of National Security. That offer has gone to the Chief Personnel Officer for review and advice, Minister of National Security Stuart Young.

In giving details about Griffith’s contractual agreement, Young said seeing as Griffith did not rise through the police ranks “it falls to the Cabinet to decide the terms and conditions of Mr Gary Griffith.”

Young said the Ministry put forward an offer in line with the Salaries Review Commission’s recommendation but he did not accept it.

Young added, “It’s a negotiation taking place. A position was put to him. He has counter-proposed. This counter-proposal has been sent to the CPO because it is the chief personnel officer who really determines the contractual terms and conditions that should or could be offered to contractual positions.

“We would consider her advice before putting that proposal then to Mr Griffith. If he accepts then the process would have been concluded.

That is how we would go forward.”

Griffith is out of the country and will return on August 16, while acting Commissioner, Stephen Williams will go on vacation from August 17 to 30.

“We are hoping that before then the terms and conditions will be worked out,” Young declared.

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