Facial recognition software missing at Piarco …”NO HELP TO ID MASKED BANDITS”

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So, it is alleged that the facial recognition software at Piarco International Airport was removed by the last PP Government.

That is according to Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley.

So how come the PNM Government did not put it back since it came to Government in September 2015?

According to Rowley, the system could have been used to identify the men who pulled off a $5.5 million robbery in a secured area of the airport on Wednesday.

Really Prime Minister? Masked men! How would that software been able to identify four masked men? Instead of blaming the last Government, what did your successive Ministers of Works and Transport do? Fitzgerald Hinds and Rohan Sinanan?

The four masked bandits stole the cash belonging to First Citizens Bank, that was destined to be taken on a Caribbean Airlines flight to Tobago.

Rowley said that while he was in Parliament on Wednesday, he received information about the heist.

He said that there was facial recognition technology and called upon the Opposition to explain why this was removed.

He added, “At Piarco Airport there was facial recognition technology, meaning as you come through the airport your face become part of the security of this country and is recorded and you can be identified by facial features. They shut that down and stripped it out. And of course the servers that we being used for the facial gathering were also taken to storage to rot. When you see it ask them what was the reason for that. It is inexplicable for a Government to do that especially a Government facing our terrorism type of problems that we have and of course our chronic crime problem.”

While persons have been questioned about the robbery, no one has been charged and none of the money has been recovered.

Eyewitnesses said the four men dressed in camouflage wear and armed with high powered weapons, carried out the robbery.
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