End of the line for Maxie Cuffie …”ROHAN SINANAN FOR BYE-ELECTION”

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It is the end of the line for Maxie Cuffie as the Member of Parliament for La Horquetta/Talparo. His seat will be declared vacant soon and a bye-election called.

And the PNM’s choice to replace Cuffie is Rohan Sinanan, the Minister of Works and Transport and a Government Senator.

Cuffie, a former journalist, suffered a stroke last September and has been  recuperating in a hospital in Washington DC. His bill so far has reached $3 million and mounting.

It is now certain that Cuffie is not returning to the Government and steps are being made not to ask for more extensions in Parliament.

Stuart Young, Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, insisted that Cuffie would be back in office in December 2017. Well, we are in March 2018 and Cuffie is still in Washington. His condition has worsened and there is no word when he would be allowed to travel.

A statement was supposedly made by Cuffie in February attacking his detractors. But we are told this statement was never made by Cuffie but by a Minister in the Government.

The constituency of La Horquetta/Talparo has been without representation, even when Cuffie was in Trinidad. So the political directorate of the PNM has decided that before the party loses that seat, they are going to declare the seat vacant, fight the bye-election and sacrifice Sinanan.

PNM officials believe Sinanan is their best bet, although they know that the Opposition will be sending a strong opponent to the polls.

It came as no surprise recently when the Prime Minister led a team into that constituency for a public meeting. So the campaigning has started.

Time will tell if Sinanan can retain that seat for the PNM. One thing is certain, win or lose, he will remain Minister of Works and Transport.

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