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A worker was electrocuted while working on a roof at an apartment complex in La Romaine on Tuesday.

Stanley Thomas, 53, died at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Reports state that Thomas was carrying a steel beam when it came into contact with high-tension wires at Canaan Road around 9.45 a.m.

Nickchan Ramdial, a colleague, said he was on the lower floor when he heard Thomas scream out.
“They say ‘Tall Man’ get shocked. I ran up the scaffolding and saw that he came in contact with the high-tension wires. Someone hit him down and I held on to him. He was bleeding from the head. I held on to him until the ambulance arrived,” he said.

Fire appliances from Mon Repos Fire Station and Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) employees responded to the report.

Fire officers assisted in removing Thomas from the 20-foot high building.

Thomas, of Maracas, St Joseph, was taken to San Fernando General Hospital where he died while undergoing treatment.

Ramdial said: “We started working together about two weeks before Christmas. He was a good man. We had a Christmas lime and he was very happy. This morning we make jokes and then started to work.”


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