EFCL Board remains in place …”SLAP IN OUR FACES”

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Despite all the allegations in the public domain, Minister of Education, Anthony Garcia, has slapped the general public in their faces by announcing that Ricardo Vasquez, will act as chairman of the beleaguered Education Facilities Company Limited (EFCL).

The announcement was made after a meeting with the Board on Monday afternoon. Chairman Arnold Piggott resigned as chairman last Friday. Vasquez was the vice chairman under the Piggott- led board.

Piggott resigned citing family commitments and “the protection of my reputation and family name.” Garcia summoned the remaining members to a mandatory meeting to discuss among other issues, allegations made concerning the procurement practices of the company.

During the meeting, Garcia told directors he was disappointed over several issues including operations of the board, reporting lines not being adhered to, retrenchment exercises, slow pace of construction work at schools and the process to be undertaken when emergency repairs necessitates schools being closed.

Garcia also noted that the Ministry should be notified in writing of any changes to upper management of the company.

He also expressed disappointment over a lack of confidentiality among staff members of the EFCL.

Vasquez, in his capacity as acting chairman, pledged to revamp the entire reporting process and liaise directly with the ministry’s executive team on any staff change.

Garcia also hinted that significant changes would be made to the board and senior management of the EFCL which may involve additions to the board and some members of management having to revert to previous positions.
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