Education in crisis …TIM: GARCIA MUST GO

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Former Minister of Education, Dr Tim Gopeesingh, held a news conference at the Office of the Opposition Leader on Tuesday to address pressing issues affecting the education sector of Trinidad and Tobago, including the recent spate of school violence.

Dr Gopeesingh called on his successor, Anthony Garcia, to resign or be fired, saying he has effectively plunged the education sector into a state of crisis

He said Garcia lacks the willpower, ability and general knowledge, competence and management skills to comprehensively and effectively address key issues affecting the nation’s students and teachers.

He listed the measures introduced by him when he was Minister of Education.

1. Strengthening of Student Support Services Division from approximately 300 to near 700 professionals including Clinical, Educational and Behavioural Psychologists, School Social Workers, Guidance Counsellors, Guidance Officers.

2. Establishment of Schools-Based Management Teams, with participation of the Principal, Vice Principal, Parent-Teachers’ Association, TTUTA, Deans of Discipline, the student body and alumni representatives

3. Employment of near 200 Schools Safety and Security Officers in Secondary Schools.

4. Training of hundreds of Teachers, Principals and School Supervisors in Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

5. Establishment of nine-member Local Schools Boards at over 40 Primary and 80 Government Secondary schools, with membership from the Principal, TTUTA, the PTA and 3 members of the public.

6. Hosting of more than 300 Parenting in Education Workshops across the country, with the participation of more than 30,000 parents.

7. Establishment of Crisis Management Teams in schools.

8. Establishment of After-School Homework Centres in over 400 Primary and Secondary schools

9. Establishment of Circle of Hope sessions at schools, at which students freely discussed issues with their peers and teachers. A member of the PTA was entitled to attend in each class.

10. Establishment of Learning Enhancement Centres in Districts (4) with Clinical/Educational/Behavioural Psychologists managing referred difficult students.

11. Training of Schools Supervisors and Principals in Leadership Management and Strategies for Excellence in Schools.

12. Establishment of Student Council in Schools.

13. Mentor- Mentees programmes and motivational speakers in schools.

14. Partnering with Citizens Security Programme (CSP)

15. Research in Scientific Randomized Schools across the country into Students Performance leading to Implementation of needed programmes.

16. Construction of Gymnasiums in Secondary Schools

17. Filling of Vacancies of Deans of Discipline

18. Increase of Boys Scouts, Girl Guides and Cadet Force in Schools

19. Implementation of Morals, Values, Ethics, Citizenry and Character Education in Primary Schools.

20. Increase in Tech/Voc Education from 42 to 102 Secondary Schools

21. Increase in Physical Education programmes and PE Instructors for 17 Sporting Disciplines in Schools

Dr Gopeesingh condemned Garcia for his failure regarding the construction of schools, noting that a total of 104 schools were constructed throughout Trinidad and Tobago by the People’s Partnership Administration under his tenure.

These included 67 Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) centres, 31 Primary and six Secondary Schools. Also, additional blocks were built at other Secondary Schools.

The following is full list of the ECCE centres and Schools constructed by the PP Government, along with their respective locations.

Sixty Seven (67) Early Childhood Care and Education Centres (ECCEC)

1. Aranguez – Johnny King Road, Aranguez

2. Arima New – Off Tumpuna Road, Opposite Malabar Branch Road

3. Arouca Pine Haven – La Resource D’ Abadie Arouca.

4. Bamboo – Jaffat Street Bamboo Village No.2, Valsayn.

5. Barataria – Eight Avenue and Twelfth Street.

6. Ben Lomond ECCE – Ben Lomond.

7. Bon Air – Comer Olivine Avenue& Blu- Mussel Street, Bon Air Gardens.

8. Brothers – #73 Garth Road, Williamsville, Brothers Road Presbyterian.

9. Buen Intento – Hillside Gardens HDC, Buen Intento

10. Carlsen Field – Tasker Road, Cashew Gardens, Carlsen Field 3A Housing Development.

11. Caroni SDMS – LP# A145 Railway Road, Caroni South Bank Road.

12. Caura Royal Road – La Goya Road, Caura.

13. Clarke Rochard – Rochard Road, South of Rec. Ground that adjoins the Clarke Rochard GPS.

14. Corinth Hills – HDC Site, Ethon Lane Corinth Hills Corinth San Fernando.

15. Cunjal – #214 Cunjal Main Road, Cunjal, Barrackpore (Via Princes Town)

16. Cunupia – Jackman Trace, Cunupia

17. Cushe – Comer Cunapo Southern Main Road, Cushe Village St

18. Edinburgh South – HDC site, Cassia Blvd & Coral St, Edinburgh South Land Settlement.

19. Egypt Oasis – Dass Trace, Cunupia.

20. Egypt Trace – Egypt Trace off Endeavour Road

21. El Dorado ECCE – El Dorado

22. Enterprise – Cedar Road, Homeland Gardens, (Enterprise GPS)

23. Fyzabad – No. 22 Road, Crest Camp, Fyzabad

24. Gasparillo ECCE – Gasparillo

25.Golconda – Ridgewood Gardens, Golconda Housing Development

26.Harmony Hall – LSA Site, Harmony Hall

27. Jacob Hill – Corner of Blueoglesby Street, Tourmaline Extension, Jacob Hill Wallerfield.

28. La Horquetta South – Gladius Crescent, La Horquetta.

29. La Ruffin – La Ruffin Road, Moruga.

30. Lisas Gardens – Humming Bird Avenue, Lisas Gardens, Couva.

31. Lower Cumuto – Cumuto Main Road, Cumuto.

32. Madras – Madras GPS, Chin Chin Road, Cunupia

33. Malabar – Pomegranate Avenue, Malabar Government PS, Malabar, Phase 1

34. Malabar – Comer Lennox Yearwood Expressway, Holly Betaudier 7 Flamingo Blvd, Malabar Phase IV, Malabar

35. Maloney – Jacana Avenue, Maloney Gardens

36. Maloney – Flamingo Boulevard, Maloney

37. Marabella – LP 51 Fahey Avenue, Union Park East, Marabella

38. Maracas ECCE – Maracas

39. Maraj Hill – Baker Trace, Maraj Hill, Sangre Grande

40. Maraval – Morne Coco Road, Behind Maraval Community Centre Police Station Morne Coco Road

41. Mendez – Penal Quinam Road, Mendez Village, Siparia

42. Milton – Comer Temple St & Jemingham Dr. Milton, Couva

43. Morvant – Cosmos St, Coconut Drive, Morvant

44. Mt Hope – Pioneer Drive & Sunshine Avenue

45. Oropune Gardens – Eight Street, Oropune Gardens, HDC Site, Oropoune

46. Palmiste – Brasso Caparo Valley Road, via Longdenville

47. Phoenix Park – Phoenix Park Road, California (next to Phoenix Park GPS)

48. Pleasantville – Prince Albert Street, Pleasantville

49. Quarry Village – La Brea Trace, Quarry Village, Siparia

50. Raghunanan – Raghunanan Road, Enterprise, Chaguanas

51. Rancho Quemado – No.6 South Trace Rancho Quemado

52. Ravine Sable – Longdenville

53. Reform Government ECCE- Reform

54. Retrench – HDC Site, Retrench Housing Development

55. Roystonia – Salacca Drive, Roystonia Gardens, Couva

56. Salazar Trace – Salazar Trace GPS, Salazar Trace, Point Fortin

57. Sonny Ladoo ECCE

58. Southern Gardens – South Gardens Point Fortin

59. Springvale ECCE –Springvale

60. St Anns – No.8 St Anns Gardens Road, St Anns

61. St Augustine – Corner Warner and St John’s Road, St Augustine

62. St Mary’s Village – St Mary’s Village, Moruga Road

63. Union Hall – HDC site, Cor. Queen Avenue & Hickory Avenue, Union Hall Gardens

64. Valencia – Armadillo Drive, New Valencia Gardens, Valencia

65. Wallerfield – Comer of Churchhill Roosevelt Highway and Amazon Drive Wallerfield

66. Warrenville TIA – Robert Trace, Southern Main Road, Warrenville

67. Wellington Road – HDC Site, Wellington Road, Debe

Thirty One (31) Primary Schools Completed

1. Rousillac Presbyterian PS – 515-517 Southern Main Road, Rousillac

2. Riversdale Presbyterian PS – Guaracara- Tabaquite Road, Williamsville

3. Tunapuna GPS – #1 Pasea Main Road, Tunapuna

4. Balmain Presbyterian PS – Manse Street, Balmain Village, Couva

5. Penal Rock Road SDMS – 579 Penal Rock, Penal

6. Mt Pleasant GPS – Soledad Road North, Claxton Bay

7. Palo Seco GPS – Corner SS Erin Road & Fourth Street, Los Charros, Palo Seco

8. Lengua Presbyterian PS – 1277, Papourie Road, Lengua Village, Lengua

9. Arima New Government PS – Buena Vista Boulevard, Tumpuna Arima

10. Tulsa Trace Sanaatan Dharma Maha Sabha PS – Seepersad Trace, Tulsa Trace Penal

11. Barrackpore ASJA PS – Rees Road, Barrackpore

12. St Barbara’s Spiritual Shouter Baptist – Road Reserve off Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Maloney

13. Eckel Village AC PS – Guaracara- Tabaquite Road, Eckel Village Williamsville

14. Monkey Town GPS – Papouri Road, Monkey Town, Barrackpore

15. Febeau Village GPS – Saddle Road, San Juan

16. Enterprise GPS – Cedar Dr. Homeland Gardens, Chaguanas

17. Union Presbyterian – Hermitage Road, Union Village, Claxton Bay

18. Manzanilla/Nariva GPS – Eastern Main Road Manzanilla

19. Lower Cumuto GPS – Cumuto Main Road, Cumuto

20. Kanhai Presbyterian – Kanhai Road South Barrackpore

21. Charlieville Presbyterian – Caroni Savannah Road, Charlieville

22. Egypt Village GPS – Egypt Village Pt Fortin

23. Rose Hill RC – 6 La Coule Street, Laventille Road, East Dry River, POS

24. Rio Claro Presbyterian – Grant Street, Rio Claro

25. Paramin RC – Paramin Hill, Maraval

26. Pt Cumana RC – Bellerand Street, Point Cumana

27. New Grant GPS – St Julien Post Office, New Grant

28. Cap De Ville GPS – Cap De Ville road, Point Fortin

29. Penal Quinam GPS – Penal Quinam Road, Penal

30. Munroe Road Hindu SDMS – Warren Road, Cunupia

31. Durham Village SDMS – Charlie Ville, Chaguanas

Six (6) Secondary Schools Completed

1. Marabella South- Gopaul Lands, Marabella

2. Aranguez North – Boundary Road, San Juan

3. Couva West Secondary – Balisier Street, Couva

4. Princes Town East – East Mathilda Junction, St. Julian Village, Princes Town

5. Five Rivers Secondary School- Range Road, Five Rivers, Arouca

6. St Augustine Secondary – Corner Warren and Smart Street, St Augustine
Additional Blocks completed

1. Diego Martin North – St. Lucien Road, Diego Martin – 17 additional Classrooms

2. Iere High School

3. Princess Town West Secondary
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