Dulalchan writes to Rowley …”GIVE ME THE WORK”

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The man who applied for the post of Deputy Commissioner of Police, but ended up being recommended for Commissioner of Police, is now threatening to go to court if he doesn’t get the work.

Deodat Dulalchan is calling upon Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and the Government to support his nomination for the post of Commissioner of Police.

KPMG which conducted a comprehensive search for the Commissioner of Police, recommended former soldier Gary Griffith, but when it went before the Police Service Commission, the Commission submitted Dulalchan’s name to the President.

Dulalchan’s lawyer Kiel Taklalsingh, in a seven-page letter, said the allegations against his client were unfounded.

Referring to the recent exoneration of three public servants who were being probed in relation to a land-grabbing matter, Taklalsingh said: “Having therefore treated with and comprehensively debunked all allegations and issues in relation to our client, we trust that the Government which you lead will act appropriately consonant with the needs of the Police Service and society at large and therefore support our client’s nomination for the position of Commissioner of Police.”

Addressing the land grabbing allegations,Taklalsingh pointed out that Minister of Agriculture Clarence Rambharat and the Office of the Attorney General never responded to Dulalchan’s numerous requests to be apprised of the allegations and to be given an opportunity to respond.

The allegations related to a parcel of agricultural land at Chatoorie Street Extension, Felicity. Four farmers claimed they were displaced by Dulalchan before he was granted permission to occupy the land last year. The land has since been seized by the ministry.

Taklalsingh noted that Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture Angela Siew, Commissioner of State Lands Paula Drakes and her deputy Bhanmati Seecharan were suspended as the allegation was being investigated and have since been reinstated.

He added, “The natural inference of this exoneration is that any allegation of impropriety by our client of illegally obtaining a licence to occupy certain lands no longer carries any weight for the purposes of public decision making and must be deemed devoid of merit.”

As to the complaint made to the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) in 2011, Taklalsingh questioned the PCA’s delay in recommending disciplinary action to the PSC as it related to how it affected his client’s running for the Commissioner’s post.

The attorney added, “Despite the vintage of this purported investigation into an alleged incident from an unnamed source, the PCA’s pursuit of the investigation resurfaced and found renewed vigour only when our client was being considered for the position of Commissioner of Police.”

Taklalsingh claimed the PCA also failed to give a substantive response to his client’s requests for information on the complaint. He pointed out that the PCA elected to forward its recommendation to the PSC without giving Dulalchan a hearing to put forward his version of the events.

Taklalsingh also sought to question the authority of the Special Select Committee of Parliament, which was appointed by Rowley in February to investigate the process of selection for the Police Commissioner and Deputies.

He stated, “It is a matter of record that these public hearings descended into a concerted attempt by some members of the committee to impeach, without any reasonable basis, the process adopted by the PSC which resulted in the nomination of our client to the post of Commissioner of Police.”

He also pointed out that Dulalchan was denied the opportunity to appear before the committee and to make representations.

Taklalsingh added, “At the end of the day, what remains unshaken is the fact that the PSC no doubt engaged in an assessment process which involved the sensitive weighing of information, impressions and qualifications; juxta-positioning same with the evolving needs of the priorities of the Police Service at this time, thereby lawfully nominating our client for the position of Commissioner of Police.

“Even further, the frustration of appointments to the top post with the Police Service is no doubt a lethal blow to the morale of the Police Service, which at this time craves leadership.”.

Stephen Williams has been acting as Commissioner since July 2012 after Canadian Dwayne Gibbs packed up and left.

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