Dulalchan opts out of the race …”NOT ME AGAIN”

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Deodat Dulchan has decided not to fight for the post of Commissioner of Police again.

After the Prime Minister announced on Wednesday night that he was sending the matter back to the Police Service Commission (PSC), Dulalchan decided he was not going to apply again.

Dulalchan was the recommended choice of the PSC, but the Government was not satisfied that the process was proper. Does it mean that the entire process must be done again? Or whether the PSC should conduct its process properly?

Despite the Government’s rejection of him, Dulalchan remains committed to the oath he took 38 years ago as an officer to protect and serve and to make Trinidad and Tobago a safer place. He said he will not put himself through the process again.

July 2018 will make it 38 years since Dulalchan has been in the police service. He added, “I am not going to take on no unnecessary headache at this time. That is why I had a legal team advising me as to the way forward.“The Parliament has made a decision; what can I say.”

On Tuesday, Dulalchan, through his attorneys, wrote to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley asking him to approve his nomination as Commissioner of Police. On Wednesday, the Parliament, having heard from the members of the Special Select Committee chaired by Minister in the Office of the Attorney General, Fitzgerald Hinds, deemed the procedure used by the PSC as unsound, unsafe, unsatisfactory and illogical.

Dulalchan added, “I remain committed to work hand in hand seriously and diligently with the executive to see how we can meet our mandate to make Trinidad and Tobago a place where all of us and our children and grandchildren can live much more safer.

“In life, you don’t get everything you want. In life, everything is not fair. But that’s life. There are certain things you have no control over, you just can’t bother with it you know.”

Dulalchan said he will definitely not apply for the Commissioner’s job again.

He added, “No, no, definitely not. I don’t think I will go through that situation again.” He made it quite clear he never applied for the post of Commissioner but was asked as part of the interview.

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