Dismissal of Central Bank Governor …”WHY WAS JWALA FIRED?

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Justice Nadia Kangaloo has ordered Cabinet to produce in a sealed envelope, the Cabinet Note and decision which contained the reasons for the dismissal of Jwala Rambarran as Governor of the Central Bank.

On Friday, the Judge indicated that she would consider the confidential Cabinet documents and rule on whether the Government should be ordered to disclose the information contained therein.  That information formed the basis of the advice given to then Acting President Christine Kangaloo in relation to the dismissal.

The court indicated that it would consider whether there is any need to edit or redact the Cabinet documents before ordering its disclosure to Rambarran and his legal team.

This ruling was delivered in relation to Rambarran’s Freedom of Information application to find out the reasons for his dismissal.

The court also ruled that there was unreasonable delay by Rambarran in making this application and that there was material non-disclosure.  This aspect of the application was therefore dismissed.

In response to the ruling, Rambarran stated, “I welcome this significant development because it is the Cabinet Note and decision that will reveal the true reasons for my dismissal.

“I anxiously await the final decision to see whether the court will order the Cabinet to disclose the documents that contain the true reasons and basis for my unwarranted and unjustified dismissal.  I also intend to appeal the dismissal of my application for a statement of reasons as I believe I am entitled to same. My journey for justice has only just begun.”

Minister of Finance Colm Imbert issued his own press release on the matter.

He said Rambarran was found by the court to be guilty of NON-DISCLOSURE in filing his claim. Guilty relates to a criminal charge, Mr Imbert!

Imbert said Rambarran failed to disclose that he had been invited to meetings with the Minister of Finance prior to the revocation of his appointment. “Additionally, in his Monetary Policy Forum address on December 4th 2015, Mr. Rambarran disclosed the names of major foreign exchange users,” Imbert added.

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