Dismissal of 160 OJT workers …IS THIS TRUE?

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A former On-the-Job (OJT) worker is claiming that a number of surprise payments have been issued and he is calling for an investigation.

The Minister of Labour recently announced that 160 OJT workers were being terminated and that the programme was being restructured.

The former worker has asked the following questions:

* Is it true that a senior official was paid off for the balance of her old contract and issued a new one.

Was the payoff was over $500,000?

* Is it true that some members of staff were also paid off for the balance of their contracts? Did they receive as much as $400,000?

* Was the security company paid off the balance of their contract which was 3 1/2 years? Is this security company owned by a relative of a PNM Minister?

* The Ministry had indicated that there was going to be a 40% reduction in staff, however, in reality, only 10 people were rehired. One of these persons, a PNM hack, does not even have a degree which was a requirement for the position.
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