Dinanath Ramnarine must resign …”CONFLICT OF INTEREST”

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President of the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board, Azim Bassarath, has called for the immediate resignation of Chairman of the Sports Company (SporTT), Dinanath Ramnarine.

This comes following the failed bid by Trinidad and Tobago to host matches in next year’s ICC T20 Women’s World Cup.

Bassarath said that it was a clear conflict of interest and a flagrant breach of the established principles of good governance for Ramnarine to offer any advice to the Minister of Sport on the bid process.

He added, “The moral and ethical decision for Ramnarine was to have recused himself and not take part in the process. He should have left it to others in the Sports Company to advise on the merits and demerits of the TTCB’s bid to host matches in the ICC T20 Women’s World Cup.”

Bassarath added:

“Ramnarine is a Board member of the TTCB by virtue of his position as a National League Representative. Representing clubs in the top tier of the TTCB’S Competitions.

“The Sports Company Chairman is also the Principal Claimant in the High Court action against the TTCB seeking to overturn the organisation’s governance structure.”

Minister of Sport, Darryl Smith said Trinidad and Tobago was not going to bid because of the economic situation facing the country. But the local cricket board rushed a bid in time to meet the December 8 deadline.

Well, the ICC has left Trinidad and Tobago out of the tournament. People in Barbados are also upset that they did not get to host the finals. The finals went to Antigua an Barbuda.

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