Dillon submits names for Cepep contracts

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The government is removing Cepep contractors to appoint their favoured nominees.

Opposition Member of Parliament Dr. Roodal Moonilal made that point Monday night – and he walked with the evidence.

Moonilal read a letter from Edmund Dillon, Minister of National Security and Member of Parliament for Point Fortin, to the Secretary of the Tenders Committee of Cepep with a “priority listing” of people to be made contractors.

Dillon said the proposed contractors “are well known to me and they operate in the constituency.”
The names for the “priority listing” were Links Ltd., (Clyde James), FIC General Contractors Co Ltd., (Farrel Ian Christopher), GR & MR Contractors (Gerald Smith), H.A.T. and Company (Aldron Howell) and Tip Top Construction (Ezekiel Juba and Esther Juba).

Also, ER & R General Contractors (Roger Carrington), Nigel Sealy Contracting (Nigel Sealy), Jenrob Contracting Services (Wilfred Roberts) and Cave’s Contracting Services (Wilfred Cave).

The letter was written on Dillon’s Point Fortin constituency letterhead, and signed by him.

In recent weeks, there have been public revelations of plans by Cepep to dismiss its contractors.

The company has insisted that the move is part of its measures to return the company to its “original moorings.”

Cepep employs some 12,000 workers and there are fears that they will inevitably lose their jobs as new contractors hire their own employees.

Public Utilities Minister Ancil Antoine was recently removed as the line minister for Cepep.

Local Government and Rural Development Minister Franklyn Khan was handed responsibility.

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