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THE EDITOR: Minister Edmund Dillon Should Step Down Immediately.

The investigative media reports carried last night on CCN TV6. Mark Bassant which levelled serious allegations against Minister of National Security Mr. Edmund Dillon regarding a questionable real estate transaction in the United States, has once again yet another Minister of the Rowley Administration tarnishing the image of Trinidad and Tobago.

Given the nature of the portfolio held by Minister Dillon as National Security and the damning allegations made by the TV6 report that were supported with documentary evidence from the United States Federal Court, Minister Dillon should resign immediately failing which Prime Minister Rowley should remove him from office.

The removal of Minister Marlene McDonald twice from office, including once for simply keeping the wrong company pales in comparison to the allegations against the character and conduct of Minister Dillon in this real estate transaction.

In a nation where crime and domestic abuse has escalated to phenomenal levels since the Rowley Government assumed office it is simply intolerable that the Minister of National Security be accused of the charges that were made in the United States Courts. What respect will Minister Dillon now have among law enforcement officials of Trinidad and Tobago? What will be the view of the criminal element of the head of the Ministry of National Security accused of such allegations? Trinidad and Tobago cannot allow Minister Dillon to continue to hold office until these allegations are properly explained to the satisfaction of the population.

Will Dr. Rowley continue to prop up incompetent ministers of his government just to check a box that he didn’t fire someone he appointed?

Devant Maharaj
March 23

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