Dillon promises police station in Enterprise …”WHEN? AFTER EVERYBODY DEAD”

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Minister of National Security, Edmund Dillon, has promised a police station for crime hot spot, Enterprise, Chaguanas.

But one person is asking when, and whether it will be after everybody in the district dies.

UNC Senator Gerald Ramdeen criticized the People’s National Movement Government for failing to understand the pain of those whose loved ones were killed.

Ramdeen said, “By the time they build the police station in Enterprise there will be nobody left. Enterprise is like a war zone. On Friday night (last) you hearing bullets all over the place. The police and army posts are about 100 feet away from where five people were killed since Friday.”

He said over the last two and a half years the murder rate rapidly rose and other crimes also showed increases.

Saying the Government clearly had no plan to fight crime, Ramdeen also criticized Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley for flying off on vacation at a time when the country faced mayhem.

He added, “The Government needs to hold their head in collective shame. The buck stops with the Prime Minister. Almost 12 murders in one week and we have heard nothing from our Prime Minister. It makes you wonder whether we have a Prime Minister.

Ramdeen continued, “When Enterprise is burning where is the Prime Minister? When Arima is burning where is the Prime Minster? The Prime Minister is jetting off to Houston.”

He said when one looked looked at the faces of the families of the warring gangs in Enterprise they saw hate, bitterness, acrimony and animosity, adding that the area was completely out of control.
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