Diego man frees himself …”SRP HELD FOR KIDNAPPING”

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A Special Reserve Police (SRP) officer and three other men have been arrested in connection with the kidnapping of  a Diego Martin man on Saturday night.

The victim, identified as Nicholas Juman, 21, managed to escape his attackers and made his way to the Belmont Police Station.

The four men were arrested in Belmont following the incident which was caught on video in which Juman is seen being beaten and shoved into a white motorcar. The incident was videotaped by Juman’s friends who were at the car park of the Trinidad Hilton and Conference Centre.

In the video, Juman is seen struggling with his kidnappers as they attempted to shove him into the trunk of a vehicle on the Lady Young Road.

Several vehicles passed but none of the drivers stopped to render assistance.

According to reports, Juman was leaving the Hilton around 11 pm Saturday and as he was about to enter his friend’s vehicle when four men pulled up and told him it was a hold-up.

Eyewitnesses said Juman immediately ran down the hill and onto the Lady Young Road where he was cornered and bungled into a car trunk.

But as the men drove off and began making their way around the Queen’s Park Savannah, Juman kicked his way out of the trunk, jumped out the moving vehicle, freeing himself near a night club.

Despite receiving several injuries, he made his way to the Belmont Police Station.

Police said an All Points Bulletin was issued and officers from the Port- of- Spain Division Task Force and CID responded.

The police intercepted the vehicle on Hermitage Road in Belmont with the four suspects.

The four, including the SRP, 24, of Arima were taken into custody. The other men are from Arima, D’Abadie and Aranguez.

Juman was taken to the Port- of- Spain General Hospital for treatment.

Police said the suspects face charges of kidnapping, robbery with violence and false imprisonment.

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