Detained in Jordan for 4 months …”TRINI REUNITED WITH FAMILY”

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A Trinidadian who was detained in Jordan sine January, is back home.

His deportation followed the return in April of his wife and two children.

Attorney Nafessa Mohammed confirmed that Keegan Roopchand is back on Trinidad soil.

Another Trinidadian family, who was also detained in Jordan has returned home.

Mohammed said Roopchand, of Sangre Grande, returned home on Tuesday after four months of detention.

She said the second family, from Central Trinidad, also returned home on Monday.

Roopchand is now reunited with his family, Zaida Mohammed and two children, who returned home on April 3.

Roopchand, his wife, and their two children, were detained in Jordan in January when his wife was going to study nursing. Roopchand was going to do Islamic studies.

They were detained following reports of a so-called terror threat for Carnival in February.

Thirteen persons were detained. All but two were released without charge. The two were charged with gun possession.

While detained in Jordan, Roopchand was subjected to questioning at various locations. When his wife and children were deported in April, he was shifted to another location.

In early May, Roopchand was informed that he should make travel plans to return home. He was allowed an opportunity to send a message to his family in the last two weeks and requested a ticket to travel. He finally arrived home Tuesday via Panama.

Upon his return, Roopchand was detained by Special Branch officers at Piarco International Airport and questioned. He was eventually released on Wednesday evening and left for home with his father and brother who went to meet him.

Attorney Mohammed, who represented the family said: “He has a large beard and is very drawn looking and obviously lost weight. My information is that while detained in Jordan he was interviewed several times including being kept in solitary confinement for several weeks, and subjected to intensive questioning by Jordanian authorities, the FBI and on one occasion a Trinidad and Tobago law enforcement officer.”

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