Despite the heavy losses …”PEP SAYS THANK YOU”

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Despite the heavy losses in Monday’s by-elections, the Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) is saying thank you to the public.

In a statement on Tuesday, political leader Phillip Edward Alexander, says PEP is here to stay.

The following is Alexander’s statement:

“Within eighteen months of its existence the Progressive Empowerment Party contested the first election called on its watch and won hearts and minds around the country and around the globe.

Not enough to win a victory, but enough to establish itself as being a legitimate voice of the people, having stood against a media blackout paid for by a corrupt business class awash in illegal drug and treasury pilfering corruption dollars, we stood tall and brought integrity back to the national political conversation.

Many who were not aware of the presence of the party do now, and that was the reason we fought this election, to expose the corrupt media and their blackout, and to pierce it by our courage and our character.

We have forged new relationships and have built bridges.

To judge our performance in two polling districts in two failing municipal corporations for which the voting public has little interest is to measure the power of the ocean by the frailty of its foam.

Unlike many others, the Progressive Empowerment Party is no flash in the pan or assemblage of public office seekers willing to coalesce and link up for opportunity, but a real political vehicle built on breaking the old and ushering in the new.

The nation’s current Prime Minister had to take licks after licks in his home town in Tobago before finding political success in a PNM gerrymandered HDC voter padded safe seat from which he today swaggers, counting on everyone to not know his real roots or how he comes to have his political career.

We are a nation built on lies and deceit.

Fixing Trinidad & Tobago is not going to be easy. The existing power structure is drunk and gorged on fifty six years of feasting, has built and organised itself into high sounding chambers of commerce and other business associations assembled like gangs with one purpose, profit at all costs.

On the day the PEP fought its first election it recorded a victory, having forced one of sixteen municipal corporations to recognise that it was breaking the law by failing to bring the largest commercial bakery in the Caribbean to book for its illegal vending and guerrilla marketing tactics being levelled at legitimate small bakeries in the community, it set a precedent that all other corporations must now follow or face the courts, a massive victory for the small man, for the people of T&T, and for justice in a nation where justice has been beaten into submission over decades of abuse.

We have demonstrated a willingness to fight the important fights, to unmask the white collar criminals and take the fight to those who have destroyed this nation for their own selfish gain.

The Chinese say a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and that is true, but it also requires step after methodical step after that first step to arrive at your destination.

Eighteen months ago we took that first step, and all along the way and up to and including last night we walked all of the unnumbered, unremarkable steps to keep us on that journey.

Last evening’s bye election was no different.

Ours is a rescue mission. An intervention on behalf of all the people, to expose institutional racism and unmask the hidden agendas that have broken this nation and brought the third wealthiest nation in the western world to its knees, a shell of its deserving glory.

We stand in the gap for those with no voice. We lift the vulnerable and challenge the notion that evil alone must prosper in T&T.

We are the bright light that scatters the vermin and the fresh breeze that dispels the dank stale air of fifty six years of race based polarised voting and corruption from government down.

This mission has only just begun.

To the people of Belmont East and Barataria who stood against the established grain and ignored the weights of inducement, victimisation and ethnic division to vote for our candidates, on behalf of the Progressive Empowerment Party, I say a heartfelt thank you.

Like Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat in the face of so much injustice, yours is the voice of reason and determination. Like the Mahatma, who stayed the course despite seemingly unmovable odds, you are the courage and the patriotism that will bring freedom and liberation from injustice to this broken land.

To the hard working members of the Progressive Empowerment Party, your voices rang out yesterday and over all the days that led up to yesterday for all to hear, and while we may not have yet tasted the cup of victory, in whomever hands it now resides it quivers and twitches and knows it is not where it finally belongs.

They who hold it are aware of you, of us, and know that their grasp is at best tenuous.

To the people of Trinidad & Tobago, the day of the patriot is upon us
What you witnessed over the past few weeks is the beginnings of the change we always knew we always needed.

Your cries for justice and for representation have not gone unheard.

Yesterday we said with firm and clear voices that we will not be accepting the politics of hate, theft and corrupt mismanagement any longer.

We invite you to join us this Saturday for our weekly meet & greet at our headquarters as the journey to build the change we need continues.

We thank all of those who assisted in anyway, we commit ourselves to the mission of rescuing our great country, and look forward to the brighter future itself itching to be dawned.

On behalf of the entire Progressive Empowerment Party we say thank you, and stay safe Trinidad & Tobago.”

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