Despite what the former chairman says …”STEP DOWN, ARNOLD”

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Despite what he says, former Educational Facilities Company Limited (EFCL) chairman, Arnold Piggott, was told to step down from his political post.

Sources within the Government say that Piggott was told to leave following numerous controversies at the State company. Now, Piggott is saying that he left EFCL on his own because of corruption at the company.

He blamed two persons who had the air of politicians for the state of the company.

On Monday, Piggott insisted he was not forced out from EFCL by the PNM, or by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, as publicly perceived.

He stated,“I was not asked to resign despite what has been out in the public domain. There was absolutely no pressure placed on me to resign.”

But Piggott must also remember that prior to his resignation, he had stated that he saw no reason for him to step down!

He denied he was forced to follow instructions from Balisier House when the issue was put to him by Senator Wade Mark, who asked whether he was influenced by the PNM to resign from his position. He said his resignation was a “combination of a number of things,” including questions regarding contracts for school repairs and gross mismanagement by company officials.

Piggott added, “We were asked to reinstate Mr Louis Frederick (executive manager) after he had walked off the job. Had he returned the board would be handicapped and he did return after being requested to re-engage him and perhaps that should have been my last call,”

Piggott who escaped being recalled to Trinidad after a drunk driving allegation against him while as High Commissioner to Canada in 2005, said he attended a JSC meeting on Monday on his own.

He stated, “I am appearing before this Joint Select Committee today voluntarily, notwithstanding the advice by senior counsel that the Parliament does not have the authority to summon me.”

In May this year, Piggott tendered his resignation from the EFCL, saying he was doing so for the protection of my reputation and family name and protecting the PNM.

In his resignation letter dated May 27 to Education Minister Anthony Garcia, and copied to Rowley and corporation sole, Finance Minister Colm Imbert, Piggott said he had resigned due to family commitments requiring greater attention at home and abroad.

He cited that while he had the privilege to work closely with “a diligent, dedicated and professional team of board members,” they had gone through many challenges, including “reputational risks.”

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