Defeat for UNC/PNM politician …”HAIL THE KING, MYRON B”

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A picture tells a thousands words. And the picture below shows the agony on the face of UNC/PNM politician, Gypsy, as he was dethroned as the Extempo King on Thursday night.

Hail the new King, Myron Bruce, better known as Myron B.

During the competition at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Myron B raked Gypsy over the coals, over everything from his dismissal from the UNC to his alleged alternative love life. But it was all taken in good old picong style.

From the eight competitors, Gypsy, Myron B, Phillip Murray (Black Sage) and Elysia Ray (Lady Syntax) were the four chosen to go neck and neck with the final two to get ready for war.

Gypsy urged, “Bring back the hangman” while Myron B praised the right of women in mens’ lives.

Gypsy and Myron B were brutal in their war of words as they slammed each other’s libido, relationships and who was the lion or the cub.

Bruce will receive $200,000 and Peters will receive $100,000.
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