Death of a young footballer …THA, COPS TO MEET

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The murder of 15-year old student, Abiela Adams, is the last straw for Tobagonians.

Chief Secretary, Kelvin Charles, is to meet with the Tobago Executive of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service on Monday to address the issue. In a media release, Charles sought to assure the Tobago population that security is a top priority.

He added, “The Tobago House of Assembly is committed to working with the TTPS and relevant civil society agencies to find solutions to the challenges of crime on the island. The Chief Secretary assures the public that security of citizens is a top priority and that the THA is prepared to do what it has to, in order to protect Tobagonians.

“With this in mind, the THA has been strategising and developing initiatives to deal with the challenges, and the public will be informed.”

The Signal Hill Secondary School Form Three student went missing last week. Her body was discovered on Saturday.

Charles’ media release said that the recent murders on the island (four for 2017), as well as crime in general, demand the attention and cooperation of all members of the public, leaders and protectors.

Charles added, “All loss of any life is painful to society and loved ones. We all have a role to play in resolving this growing problem.” The Chief Secretary reminded the public to come forward and report to the police any information related to crime, reminding that there are also anonymous ways to report a crime. The THA urged the public to use all avenues to relate any such information.

Minority Leader, Watson Duke, said, “This is Tobago’s darkest hour and it is the most hopeless hour when the Chief Secretary just throws his hand in the air and says he has no crime plan and he would work with Crime stoppers to stop crime.”

Duke said. “The Prime Minister keeps jamming still even though our country is being ripped apart by crime against humanity, it is indeed sad.”

Duke called on all countrymen to not lose faith, as he noted that hope is not lost.

He added, “We are prepared to deal with crime head on, Duke said. “We are prepared to create community policing to work with the Community Comfort patrols to ensure that every child, every family and every village is protected, none will be left behind.

Meanwhile, Political Leader of the Tobago Forwards, Christlyn Moore said she was overwhelmed by the situation.

“First of all my condolences to the family. I cannot comprehend what that mother must be going through to learn that the child that she nurtured for 15 years has been taken from her and not by accident but by the hand and the desire of a criminal.”

Moore added, “That is the most heart-breaking thing, and my very being goes out to that family and the community of right thinking people share in their grief.” Moore said this brings into stark reality what has been said for the past few months.

“The crime situation is completely out of control and it has spilled over into Tobago. We are now on the 11th of February, we have met the amount of murders that we ended 2016 with in Tobago, we are now at that number on the 11th of February, 2017.” “We are in crisis.” she declared. “If there was ever a time to sound an alarm, that time is now.

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