Death of a soldier …WAS IT MURDER?

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Was the death of Warrant Officer, Omar Samaroo, a murder, accident, or suicide?

The Defence Force would like everyone to think it was an accident, while others want people to believe it was suicide. But no one is treating the death as a murder.

Samaroo, 47, was found bleeding on the floor at Cumuto Barracks last Tuesday morning. He was treated by medics attached to Cumuto Barracks and rushed to the Arima Hospital. He was then transferred to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mount Hope, where he died on Tuesday night.

Army officials suggested that Samaroo shot himself in the head. But an autopsy performed on Wednesday at the Forensic Sciences Center, Federation Park, revealed two things – Samaroo was shot in the neck and he had four broken ribs.

First there was a gun on the scene, and then there is a report that army officials are searching for a gun. What is certain is that the bullet came from a army-issued weapon. So who done it and why?

Why would Samaroo, an army veteran of 27 years, want to kill himself?

Samaroo was a member of the elite Special Forces unit until he was unceremoniously removed a few months ago. He was one of the investigators probing the training of two children at Cumuto Barracks in 2016. He was then assigned to office duties and was preparing to go on vacation in April. So is this a man who wanted to kill himself?

Police have already indicated that it looks like a suicide. But there are always reasons for someone to commit suicide. From family and close colleagues, Samaroo had no reason to kill himself.

So the question is, who wanted Samaroo dead and why?
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