Death of Jenice Figaro …WOMAN RELEASED

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The woman who was detained by police in connection with the death of four year old Jenice Figaro, has been released from custody.

The woman, a mother of two, was allowed the leave the Gasparillo Police Station on Friday night. She had been there since Wednesday.

During that time, she was interviewed by homicide detectives.

The woman was released pending further inquiries.

Jenice died on the night of November 24 at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Police were told that she became ill after eating a meal of French fries prepared by a female relative.

The child’s father, Robert Figaro, had left the child in the care of the relative and when he returned home his daughter was in an unconscious state.

Jenice was taken to hospital, but pronounced dead by doctors.
Her autopsy was done four days later, and it was found that she died from a beating to the head and abdomen.

Investigators believe the child was being abused for months.
Jenice’s father said he was not aware that his daughter was being beaten.

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