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Special Reserve Policeman, Gary Alexander, has died.

Alexander, 62, of Jebodhsingh Trace, Fyzabad died on Tuesday having sustained second degree burns to 90 per cent of his body.

His daughter Shanice Alexander, 25, said they were awaiting the arrival of relatives from abroad before organizing Alexander’s funeral.

Describing her relationship with her father as abusive, Shanice said he had a drinking problem and despite serving for years as a police officer, he never received any help.

She added, “Everybody talking now but nobody from the Police Service assisted him. Nobody ever rendered counselling to him when he needed it.”

Alexander’s common-law wife, Debbie Figaro, made numerous reports of abuse at the police station. On March 18, following a domestic dispute at their Jebodhsingh Avenue, Fyzabad home, Alexander was charged with two offences of assault, malicious damage and throwing a flammable liquid.

Shanice said after that incident, promises were made to help Alexander, but this never materialised.

She added, “My father was always abusive. Everyone knew this. When my mom left him he would always promise that he would do better but then things would change and go back to what it was before. His drinking problem was part of it but when the situation happened on Sunday he was not drunk. He did this when he was sober. When he drinks alcohol he used to get on but when he didn’t drink, he was quiet.”

Alexander jumped in his car, returned with a red plastic container filled with petrol, and began throwing it on himself and his brown Kia Cerato.

He then locked himself in the car and set himself on fire. Moments later he came out and tried to extinguish the flames by lying in a drain.

His son, Jacy, threw water on him and he was later admitted in a critical condition at the Intensive Care Unit of the San Fernando General Hospital.

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