Daughters saved from fiery death …”COP’S WIFE DIES IN FIRE”

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The wife of a policeman perished in a fire at their home in Princes Town on Tuesday morning.

However, the policeman and his two daughters escaped unhurt.

Anita Ramdath, who celebrated her 31st birthday on Sunday, perished in the fire at their Immortelle Lane, Glenroy Housing Development, Princes Town home shortly after midnight.

PC Shane Ramnath and their daughters, ages 11 and four, escaped unhurt.

Ramnath had to be forcibly dragged from the burning house by neighbours as he desperately tried to find a way to rescue his wife from the inferno.

One eyewitness said shortly after midnight a neighbour was alerted to the fire by a crackling sound and saw smoke coming from the officer’s house.

She said, “They were sleeping. The neighbours began shouting to alert them. All the neighbours came out and started trying to help. Most of the doors and windows burglar-proofed so they were trapped.”

The witness said Ramdath was able to rescue his children by opening a small window near an internal staircase which is about a 15-foot drop to the ground. He said Ramdath then threw the children to neighbours, who caught them.

She added, “Ramnath jumped out the window too and he ran downstairs the house by a door leading to the staircase. He was calling his wife and she answered. The big girl was asking ‘when mummy coming out?’ Some people said they were hearing her bawling.”

With an axe and sledgehammer, neighbours were eventually able to break open the door.

“She was not in the corridor where we could have reached her. There was too much heavy black smoke and flames. We had to pull Ramnath out.”

She said Ramdath could not breathe at that stage.

Anita’s charred body was later found in her bedroom.

Anita was a clerk at the Princes Town Magistrates’ Court. She and Ramdath were married for 12 years and had moved into the house about two and half years ago. Ramdath is attached to the San Fernando Fraud Squad.

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