Daniel Teelucksingh speaks out …”WAR ON THE STREETS MUST STOP”

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The war on the streets must stop!

This according to Presbyterian Minister, Reverend Daniel Teelucksingh, in his Christmas Day sermon at the Susamachar Presbyterian Church,  San Fernando on Monday.

He added, “Ours is a conflict society and herein lies the primary source of the great darkness in which we walk. But we cannot continue like this.

“The war in our country can come to an end if we want it to. We are the creators of our own darkness and we are the major players in the creation of a society of light.”

Teelucksingh said citizens must give peace a chance to heal the society and the wars on the streets must be stopped.

He continued, “There is war in gang conflict, bank robberies or invasion of homes. All and sundry can be victims. War created by the narcotic business involving dealers, drug barons, clients and users, pushers, marijuana cultivators, cocaine peddlers and unchecked trade with foreign-based narcotic producers and consumers, have created enough chaos.”

Gender wars must also be stopped and women must be protected. “Sexual harassment is on the front burner these days. Abuse of girls and women. heinous sex crimes against children and adults constitute a serious war which doesn’t seem to end.”

Teelucksingh also expressed concern that there is also a hate war among citizens. “It is ever present. It is vile and vicious. The war between the have and the have nots, the anger and frustration from the lower end of the social ladder rumbles as a restless volcano, and sometimes explodes in violent expression.

“Domestic violence range from regular unreported minor offences, or from wounding to homicides. Man, woman and child can be victims, battered or killed wherever the home has become a war zone.

“There is also a well known war at the Waterfront Centre, Level G7.

Tower D. Yes, the Chamber of Private Wars , causing endless civilian casualties. Those wars have made Parliamentary performance a national embarrassment.

Teelucksinghh added, “Over 486 murders and the unsolved crimes of yesteryear are merely part of the war that consumes so much of our potential to be a great nation.”
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