Damage to properties …”BANDLEADERS MUST PAY”

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The time has come for the bandleaders to pay for any damage done to properties during Carnival.

Because some homeowners have been vocal on this issue, it would seem they were targeted by irate mas players who continue to inflict damage to properties, especially in the Woodbrook area.

While the Port-of-Spain Mayor, Joel Martinez, feels that bandleaders should pay for the clean-up after Carnival, he should focus on have these same bandleaders prosecuted for willful damage to properties.

So what is the nuisance?

Masqueraders throw debris in yards, they deface walls with mud, paint and spray paint, they throw faeces onto properties, etc.

In one instances, this home owner watched in horror as multiple masqueraders jumped onto her wall and violently shook it. Her attempts to get them off her wall were futile. The security for the band in which the costumed masqueraders were a part just watched on as the actions of the masqueraders eventually caused the wall to fall apart as they continue to wine on it. Who should be responsible for this cost?

Over to you, Mr Mayor and the acting Commissioner of Police. There is evidence as to who did it.


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