Dale Enoch’s brother found dead …”MURDER IN ST VINCENT”

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Ian Enoch, the brother of radio personality, Dale Enoch, was murdered in St Vincent on Friday.


Police believe Ian was killed during a robbery.


Ian’s body was found on a beach in Argyle, hours after he was reported missing. The travel agent and Bishop in the Spiritual Baptist faith, had attended an event along the east coast of the main island.

His wife noticed he had not returned home and contacted the police.

During a search, his car was found crashed in an area called Blue Lagoon and his body was recovered in an upscale community near the airport. Police suspect Ian, 50, was abducted, robbed and killed.

The cause of death was not revealed.

Dale Enoch said Ian always wanted to live in St Vincent after visiting the country on numerous occasions. He added his brother was all the family he had after their parents died seven years ago. He said the two were very close and the last time he spoke to him was two days before his death.

Dale added, “He was quite a character. He had a great sense of humour but was firm. He was quite popular in the country and I won’t be surprised if even the people who did this to him knew him.”

Dale added that when he heard his brother was missing he mentally prepared himself for the worst. After hearing of his death, he said he was very shattered. Dale said when the opportunity arose for Ian to take up a job as a travel agent, he took his belongings and to St Vincent to start his life in St Vincent where he married and raised a family with his wife and her son.
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