Cro Cro upset that he was left out …”BIG BOYS CALLED THE SHOT”

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Former Calypso Monarch, Cro Cro,  is very upset that he was left out of the Calypso Monarch finals on Sunday at the Queen’s Park Savannah.

Cro Cro, (Weston Rawlins), is blaming his demise on big boys in the PNM and the Government which he has supported over the years.

He added, “I know who called the shots.  When I first sang the song, I got calls from the powers that be. People from the PNM called to say that powers that be were upset.

“The calypso monarch is a farce. Even when there was another regime in office, I didn’t get funds for my tent. Every government plays politics with calypso. I told the powers that be to remember the people who put you there, and that he people on the ground have to eat ah food.

“My song is a true story. All I would say to the powers that be, God bless them and they will be judged one day. I still have my pen and I can still write.

“The judges had to do what they were asked to do. This is the first time I went down to Skinner Park and didn’t make the finals. My songs are always strong…lyrically and otherwise.”

Cro Cro said that some people in the PNM called him after his performance at Skinner Park last Saturday and sympathized with him.

He said he has made the most finals at Dimanche Gras than any other calypsonian.

His song “Belated” was critical of the ruling PNM.

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