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Another year comes to an end on Sunday! What a year it was! It was a year which many would like to forget.

It was a year dominated by crime and murders. Robberies took centre stage throughout the country, with people being killed in the process.

Today, we present some of the crimes which occurred in 2017.

“SRP shot dead at Chinese Restaurant”

Special Reserve Policeman, Richard Babwah, 31, was shot dead after he foiled a robbery at a Chinese restaurant on Eastern Main Road, Arouca, on December 10.

The men who shot him escaped. One sought medical attention at the Arima District Hospital and was arrested. Two others were held after a chase. The three were later charged with murder.

According to reports, at about 6 pm, Babwah was at the Long Yuan Chinese restaurant eating a meal when three armed men entered the restaurant and announced a robbery.

Babwah drew his service pistol and challenged the bandits, but in the exchange of gunfire which ensued Babwah was shot dead.

As he slumped to the ground, the gunmen ran out of the restaurant and escaped in a red Nissan Almera.

Police were alerted and the locked down all exit points in the area.

Within a matter of minutes police intercepted the car occupied by two men.

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“Female police officer killed”

Two persons including a 36-year-old woman, were charged with murder and illegally disposing of the body of woman police officer, Nyasha Joseph, whose body was fished out of the sea.

Kenneth Browne, 36, was charged with knowingly assisting in the murder of the police officer by illegally disposing of a body, while Melissa Browne, was charged with murdering Joseph sometime between March 8 and March 16, 2017, at Sea Lots.

The female officer was reported missing on March 8, and her body was found by a fisherman in Gulf of Paria on March 16. The cause of her death could not be determined by the pathologist.

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“Woman, teen killed during robbery”

Rose Mohammed, 57, and Videsh Subar, 13, were killed in her house in Malabar on June 28. They were tied up and their throats slit during a robbery. Her brother, Solomon Baksh, an an employee, have since been charged with murder.

 “Claire Broadridge murdered”


 Former National Museum Director, Claire Broadbridge, 79, was at her St Ann’s home when two bandits robbed and killed her, then set her house on fire, on September 2.

According to reports, at about 6 p.m, residents of the area observed smoke coming from Broadbridge’s home and notified the authorities.

A man who was not known to them was observed fleeing the scene, however, nothing was thought of it at the time.

Fire officers responded, and the fire was contained.

The fire, officials said, was not serious, and no significant damage was done to the overall premises. When they searched the premises, they found Broadbridge. Her throat was slit from ear to ear. She was dead.

A man and woman were charged with her murder.

“Pundit robbed murdered”

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Kumarie Maraj, left, Salim Goberdhan

Hindu Pundit Sunil Ragbirsingh was killed during a home invasion at his home at Five Rivers in Arouca on November 25.

Ragbirsingh had just returned to his Sampath Street home when he walked into a robbery in progress where three of his relatives were tied up and robbed of an undisclosed amount of cash and jewelry. He had conducted three prayers during the day for devotees and had just reached home. The incident occurred just after 10 pm.

His mother-in-law, Kumarie Maraj, lived in the same house as Ragbirsingh, and was present when he was robbed at his home. His attackers shot and killed him, then made off with approximately TT$20,000 and US$5,000 cash and a quantity of jewelery.

Maraj was later charged with the murder. Also charged was 20-year-old Salim Goberdhan, a handyman who worked for Ragbirsingh.

“3 killed, burnt in Carlsen Field”

Michelle Harrylal and Michael Applewhite

Michelle Harrylal, 27, her boyfriend Michael Applewhite, 35, and their friend, Marlon Dyer, were found dead in a shack on August 23.

Harrylal’s son alerted a nearby village after the disoriented, traumatized child told villagers that his mother had ‘gone to heaven’.

No one has been charged with these murders. Investigators say these deaths were domestic-related.

“$5.5 million heist at Piarco, but where is the money?”

Four persons have been charged with robbing the cargo bond at Piarco International Airport of $5.5 million on December 5. The heavily armed bandits swooped down on airport and customs officials, robbing hem of  approximately $5.5 million from a cargo container.That money was destined for Tobago ad came from the First Citizens Bank.

Four persons, including a pregnant woman, were arrested and charged after two persons were caught with $250,000 of the stolen cash. But where is the rest of the money? Who was the mastermind behind this robbery. Sources say the police arrested the alleged mastermind, whom they described as clever. Nothing was found on him and at his home, so he was released without charge.

“Woman shot dead, killer takes his life”


In another case of domestic violence, Samantha Isaacs, 26, was dragged from a lime and shot and dumped on the Western Main Road, Carenage, on the morning of December 16.

Isaacs reported her ex-boyfriend and father of her son, Kahriym Garcia,  to the police the day before the murder.  She went out to lime with friends for her birthday, but was dragged away by Garcia, 31,

After killing Samantha, Garcia shot himself to death at his home at Haig Street, Carenage. This happened as the police were knocking on his door.

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