Cost of living goes up

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The prices of chicken, garlic, grapes, celery, pumpkin and carbonated soft drinks sent up the cost of living in April, according to official figures.

Also, edible oil, parboiled rice, macaroni, and mixed fresh seasoning.

The Central Statistical Office (CSO) said there was a “general upward movement” in the cost of these items and that they contributed to an overall increase in the index of retail prices.

But, according to the CSO, there were decreases in the prices of fresh carite, tomatoes, Irish potatoes, fresh, chilled, frozen and seasoned beef, fresh king fish, fresh crab, fresh shrimps, biscuits and oranges.

The CSO further revealed that there were price increases in furnishings, household equipment, routine maintenance of the house, health, transport and communication.

Also, there were increases associated with hotels, cafes and restaurant and miscellaneous goods and services.

But the statistical agency said there were decreases in the cost of electricity, gas and other fuels, and recreation and culture.

The inflation rate in April was 3.1 per cent, the CSO stated.

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