Corruption report produced …”NEPOTISM AT COCOA COMPANY”

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Just two weeks after former PP Government Minister Devant Maharaj reported there was corruption at the Cocoa Development Company, comes a report that things are not right at the company.

On July 20, Maharaj, a former Agriculture Minister, reported to the Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture, Avinash Singh, about allegations of corruption at the Cocoa Development Company.

A report was requested based on the allegations made by Maharaj.

Winston Rudder, chairman of the Cocoa Company, undertook these investigations and a report, which was submitted to Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat, has shown some startling revelations.

According to Maharaj, the Cocoa Development Company the report cited:

1. Nepotism with senior officials hiring relatives.

2. Moving from a rental property from $17,000 to a three story rental property of $80,000. The official report did not address that this property is for only 15 employees and reports are that one employee is apparently living at the office.

3. The report attempted to provide excuses for the spending of millions of dollars left by the Peoples Partnership Government. It is clear however that the PNM Board has no vision for the Company to develop and grow the cocoa industry.’

So what is going to happen with this report? Will Rambharat take it to Cabinet? Will anyone be held accountable? Would there be a fall guy like YTEPP when the CEO was fired for hiring his wife?

Would there be a cover-up? If the allegations are true, where did the money go?
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