“Corruption in TTPS Promotion”

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THE EDITOR: Last Tuesday’s First Division Promotion in the Trinidad & Tobago Police Service has yet again been meet with corruption. Common knowledge among members of the first division is that members of the Executive shuffled around the names on the merit list to promote those who they wanted.

It is unclear however, if the newly appointed Commissioner know anything about this, as it is known that he asked a certain Deputy Commissioner of Police (Ag) (DCP Ag) last week Tuesday at the Commissioner’s COMPSTAT whether the merit list would have been ready before Independence day, to which the individual replied no.

It is being circulated that the said individuals were able to change around the merit list as the assessment process had an interview segment where candidates where not privy to their interview score.

The said DCP was also an invigilator at the written part of the assessment even as an ‘independent’ firm Earnest & Young was contracted to do the assessment.

Many in the first division also feels that the former acting commissioner, Mr. Williams, took leave just as Mr. Griffith came on board, so that he, Williams, would have buy time to be around to coordinate the corrupted act as he was due to proceed on pre-retirement earlier.

It is also known that a certain individual, (who made a huge error in congratulating members of the Hindu community on Eid celebrations) did not attain the pass mark of 50% in the first part of the assessment, but was allowed to move on to the interview stage and subsequently promoted.

Another individual who came last in the previous assessment, came first in this assessment even after scoring lower in the written assessment (the assessment consists of a written part and an interview).

Members of the First Division of the TTPS are now disgruntled after being cheated .

Our only hope is to have this article published so that Mr. Griffith will be aware what is taking place under his nose.

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