Cops move fast to deal with teen with guns …”WHAT ABOUT AG’S KIDS?”

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THE EDITOR:  The Police Service must be commended for the alacrity which they displayed in apprehending one of the two teenagers that were caught brandishing guns in a car that went viral on the internet. It was truly remarkable that within hours of the video going viral the police had tracked downed one of misguided youths and the arrest of other was imminent. The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) arrested the 17-year-old male suspect by members of the Chaguanas CID hours following the video going on the internet.

What is however amazing that almost a year has passed and the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force (TTDF) has yet to determine the action to be taken against the children of the Attorney General photographed with high-powered military guns at the Cumuto army facility on October 31, 2015.

On 25th March 2017 the TTDF Military Board of enquiry concluded that procedures were not followed to allow the children to handle the high powered military guns. On 3rd June 2017 the TTDF said the children were not allowed to handle high-powered military guns belonging to it. Yet despite these conclusions by the TTDF no further action has been announced.

There is a saying in Trinidad & Tobago that if you are poor a dog is better than you.This has been proven with the arrest of the youths videoed with the guns. The youths arrested were obviously from challenged communities and the faced the full brunt of law, compared to the children of the Attorney General who have received no sanction for what appears a similar crime.

Why is the Children of the Attorney General being treated so very differently to the young men who were arrested by the Chaguanas CID for showing guns in a video? What is the reason for this continued special and preferential treatment for the AG’s Children that the rest of the nation’s children do not enjoy? Is it that poor people children are punished for laws they break but the rich politician’s children are not similarly punished?

The Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force can no longer taking action with those who the TTDF investigated for over a year. The TTDF has to act now on this issue, it can delay it no longer given the arrest of the Chaguanas youth.

Devant Maharaj
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