Cops foil robbery in Sangre Grande … BANDIT SHOT DEAD

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The plan by a bandit to rob a hardware in east Trinidad on Saturday ended with him being killed by the police and his two accomplices arrested.

According to reports, four members of the Eastern Division Police Task Force, were returning to the Sangre Grande Police Station after completing duty in Toco.

They became suspicious of three men going into a hardware at Paharry Village on the Toco Main Road. On seeing the police, the three men decided to abandon their mission and run. One of the men was shot and killed, while the other two were captured.

The dead man was was shot about his body and died on the spot. He was clad in a black T-shirt and black denim pants, and sported a rasta hairstyle.

The two other bandits, whose addresses were given as Maturita, Arima, were detained at the Sangre Grande Police Station and were being interrogated by investigators.

Police believe these are the men who were plaguing residents of Sangre Grande and environs with robberies over the last two months.

According to police reports, the officers who were in an unmarked vehicle observed the three men placing bandanna over their faces and proceeding towards Paharry Village Hardware. The policemen proceeded to the hardware where the gunmen who were inside the hardware opened fire on them.

The officers returned fire and one of the bandits was wounded. He tried to escape but collapsed and died on Seecharan Trace nearby, where the cash they had stolen spilled on the ground. A phone which was in his pocket continued ringing.

The officers called for backup and got assistance from soldiers. The officers went in search of the other two bandits who had escaped.

Employees of the hardware, who did not want to be named, said business was slow and they had decided to close when the three armed men entered the hardware and started demanding cash.

According to one employee, “One of the men placed a gun on my chest, while another aimed at me with a shot gun. They proceeded to search me, dipping their hands into our pockets. They relieved us of an undisclosed sum of money and our cellphones.”

The District Medical Officer ordered the removal of the body to the Sangre Grande mortuary, from where it will be taken to Forensic Science Centre, Federation Park, for an autopsy on Monday.

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